How To: Recover deleted notes on iOS

Ever since we started replacing the classic pen and paper with typing on our computers and smartphones, the usefulness of note-taking apps has become undeniable. iOS users can benefit from the robust stock Notes app, now more than ever thanks to the new features and improvements it has received in iOS 9.

Deleting a note is easy, but so is doing it by accident. Luckily, you can recover deleted notes on iOS without having to use a third-party solution in just a few easy steps and save yourself from this stressful situation.

How to recover deleted notes on iOS

Before we proceed with the instructions, you should know iOS gives you 30 days to restore a deleted note. Otherwise, it will be permanently removed and you’ll need to use a specialized recovery software and even then you might not be able to retrieve the data. Alternatively, you can restore your device from a backup if you have one that contains the deleted note(s).

Launch the Notes app on your iPhone or iPad and tap on the back arrow button to view the note folders.

recover deleted notes on iOS

Tap on ‘Recently Deleted‘.

recover deleted notes on iOS

Select ‘Edit‘ which will allow you to move the deleted note.

recover deleted notes on iOS

Tap on the note you want to restore then select the ‘Move To…‘ option

recover deleted notes on iOS

Now all you have left to do is select the folder where you want to restore the deleted note. It can be the Notes folders on your device or iCloud but you can also create a new folder using the related option.

Then you can find the note stored in the folder you just selected. Now that you know how to recover deleted notes on iOS, no need to stress about accidentally deleting notes anymore. What’s more, iOS offers the same recovery option for photos and you can undelete any image for 30 days after removal.

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