RegClean Pro: Clean up your registry

Take any computer and you will see that its registry will have various errors, either caused by incomplete uninstalls, false shortcut paths and more. RegClean Pro will fix these errors and in turn will vastly improve the performance of your computer.

Installation & Requirements

A thing to keep in mind while installing RegClean Pro is that the setup will try to install various third party applications and utilities like toolbars. If you do not want them installed, be sure to uncheck their respective boxes and continue with your installation normally. The supported operating systems are Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8.


It should be noted right at the beginning that the trial version of the application will let you scan your registry and back it up but not much else. It will only fix up to 15 errors and it will not let you defrag the registry. For that you will have to register. You can, however, get a glimpse of all of the features so that you understand how the application works and whether it is for you or not. You can check out all of the different features by moving along the different tabs on the top of the main window.

Moving on from that, starting the application for the first time will initiate an automatic registry scan. You can stop it and start it at a later point but it is highly recommended that you do it as soon as possible so that the application access the damage level of your registry and detect all of the various errors it will probably have. If you have never used such a program before, do not be surprised if the errors rise up in the thousands. The longer you are using your computer the more likely it is for errors to appear in your registry and they can only be resolved through such programs.

The errors are divided into different categories, according to the reason they exist and what they affect. Some of them will affect everyone on the computer, some will affect your user profile while others will have been caused by uninstallation processes that have not been thoroughly completed. When the scanning is done, a voice over will get your attention to the problems. You will able to check out more detailed information about them as well as assess their danger level. Higher levels need a quicker resolving as they vastly affect your PC’s performance. When you are done going over the details, you simply click on the Fix Issues button and you are done.


-Clean interface
-Extremely easy to use for all users
-In-depth scans
-Various extra utilities


-Severe trial limitations


Even though the trial version of RegClean Pro will not do much to fix your registry, the full application offers a very easy to use interface with an in-depth scanner that will undoubtedly boost the performance of your PC and prevent crashes.