How To: Remotely control YouTube TV with your Android phone

There’s nothing new about YouTube TV as the service has been available before Chromecast. Sure you can remotely control YouTube from your Android phone if you also have the Google Chromecast via the Chromecast app. But you can do that even without it.

The name of YouTube TV is misleading in a way- it’s not just for TVs. The service can be used for smart TVs connected to your computer, but it also works for PC monitors and notebook screens. You can easily turn your Android phone into a smart YouTube remote from where you’ll be able to select videos, add them to a queue and use all playback controls.

  • The first thing you need to do is to open in a web browser on your computer. You can hit F11 to make it full screen.

YouTube TV - Settings

  • Resist getting distracted by your personal recommendations and open the Settings from the menu bar located on the left side of the screen.

YouTube TV - Pair device

  • Select the ‘Pair device’ option. A code will show up on the screen – we’ll be using it in a minute.

YouTube app - Settings

  • Now open the YouTube app on your Android phone and head over to Settings – Connected TVs – Add a TV.

YouTube TV - Pair device code

  • Enter the pairing code you received in YouTube TV and tap on Add.

YouTube app - Add a TV

Now that your device is paired with your TV/monitor you can navigate YouTube on your phone, play any video you want or add it to queue to create a playlist first. You can use the volume buttons of your device to remotely control the volume of the YouTube player on the TV or monitor.

Using Android Phone to control YouTube TV

To be honest, I find YouTube TV’s interface more attractive and very easy to navigate on a touchscreen than the default YouTube website and apps, which is why I use it quite often on my tablet when I’m binge watching videos. What’s your favorite use of YouTube TV?

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