RemoteRebootX: Easily reboot remote hosts and other actions

A network utility such as RemoteRebootX can be useful for anyone that has a network of multiple computers, home users included. This free tool allows anyone to perform remote actions on any network computer such as reboot, shut down, Wake On LAN, retrieve information (MAC address, last boot time…etc.).

Installation & Requirements

RemoteRebootX doesn’t need installing. Simply run the executable and the program will be launched. Any settings you make can be saved as an .rrx file (RemoteRebootX state file). At first run a Getting Started window will appear, guiding new users to the basic features of the program.

The program runs on all versions of Windows XP, 2003, Server 2008, Vista and 7.


RemoteRebootX offers an uncomplicated layout where most of the available space is occupied by the area in which added hosts are listed. A basic menu at the top comprises File, Actions, Tools and Help categories. Some of the most frequently used functions are made available in an icon-based toolbar.

Adding individual hosts or importing multiple hosts from a file can be done via File menu or toolbar icons. Once you’ve added your hosts to the list there are several actions you can perform such as ping the selected host(s), retrieve various information (last boot time, C disk space, the list of automatic services that are not running and the MAC address), normal/forced shutdown & reboot options and Wake On LAN function. RemoteRebootX also features a Task Scheduler that allows scheduling reboot, shutdown and Wake On LAN actions and the option of creating a Remote Desktop Connection.

For each host present in the list, information about all actions you’ve taken is displayed in separate columns. A tooltip with the entire contents of the cell will appear when holding the mouse over it and double-clicking on the row will expand it to display all cell contents.

To preserve the list of added hosts and any settings you’ve made, RemoteRebootX offers the Save State option that stores all the info in an .rrx file which you can load at a later time.


– Portable application.
– Hosts can be added manually or imported from a file.
– Allows performing shutdown and reboot actions on individual or multiple hosts.
– Retrieves host information such as MAC address, list of automatic services that are currently not running, last boot time…etc.
– Includes a Task Scheduler.


– None worth mentioning.


RemoteRebootX is a simple yet very efficient tool. It allows even the most inexperienced user to remotely perform shutdown and reboot actions for any computer on the network, plus it includes a few other useful functions among which a Task Scheduler.