How To Remove ESET NOD 32 and Smart Security from Windows 10

These days having antivirus and antispyware protection on your computer is not optional. With Windows being such a popular operating system, it’s also the number one target for malware, exploits and other types of attacks.

ESET NOD 32 and Smart Security are among the well-known security products and they do offer excellent protection. They’re also quite easy to install and use which is why many users prefer them over other similar products.

NOD 32 was designed to protect your PC against viruses while Smart Security will safeguard your system while you’re browsing the web. Both applications have one caveat though – uninstalling them can be a pain.

How to remove ESET NOD 32 and Smart Security from Windows 10

Regardless of your reasons, it can be difficult to remove ESET NOD 32 and Smart Security from Windows 10. Perhaps you’ve just tested their free trial and decided you’d like to try different security products in which case the first step would be to uninstall these apps.

The regular method would be to navigate to Settings -> Apps, locate ESET NOD 32 and/or Smart Security on the list, click on their name and select “Modify” or “Uninstall”.

remove ESET NOD 32 and Smart Security from Windows 10

To continue, select “Remove”. You will also be prompted to choose a reason for uninstalling – select an appropriate one for the uninstall process to begin. Once the software has been uninstall you’re probably going to need to restart your computer for the changes to be applied.

If you still see ESET running after restarting your PC it means it wasn’t properly uninstalled.

Uninstalling with third party apps

If the Windows default uninstaller has failed you, third party uninstaller apps can help. There are several good ones available on the market. For this guide, we’ll be using IObit Uninstaller but you can also use others such as Revo Uninstaller or Wise Program Uninstaller.

Launch IObit Uninstaller and select ESET Smart Security (or NOD 32 depending on which application you’re trying to uninstall). Check the box next to it and click the “Uninstall” button.

uninstall ESET NOD 32 and Smart Security from Windows 10

First, you have to download the application from IObit’s official site and install it. Select ESET Smart Security from the list, tick the box next to it and click “Uninstall.”

You will also be prompted to create a restore point, which you should do to make sure you can revert to a working state of your operating system should anything go wrong. When the uninstall process is complete, select “Powerful Scan” so IObit Uninstaller will remove all traces of ESET Smart Security, then click on “Delete” to finish the process.

Uninstalling manually

While it doesn’t happen very often it is possible that some parts of ESET products will remain on your PC. Luckily, ESET provides instructions for this scenario.

The first thing you need to do is visit the official instruction site and download ESET Uninstaller from there.

Then, restart your PC in Safe Mode. The easiest way to do it is to click on the Start button, select the Power button and click on Restart while holding the Shift key pressed.

remove ESET NOD 32 from Windows 10

Once your computer is in Safe Mode, double-click on the ESETUninstaller icon on your desktop.

Type “y” when prompted to run the tool.

Then, analyze the items displayed under Installed ESET products, type the number of the ESET installation you want to remove and hit Enter.

After ESET Uninstaller finishes removing the product, exit the tool by pressing any key and restart your PC in Normal Mode.

If the other methods presented above don’t work, you can rely on this solution to completely remove ESET NOD 32 and Smart Security from Windows 10.

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