[Guide] Remove or hide Facebook contacts on your iPhone or iPad

Facebook flawlessly integrates with iOS, including with the stock Contacts app. This makes it possible for your iDevice to sync contact photos and information with your Facebook profile’s database.

Despite the potential usefulness of this feature, not everyone wants all of their Facebook friends to be listed in the Contacts app. Not to mention many of them won’t have a phone number associated.

Continue reading to find out how you can easily hide the contacts imported from Facebook or even completely remove them.

How to hide Facebook contacts on your iPhone or iPad

You might want to hold on to those Facebook-acquired contacts, in which case you can just hide them so they won’t appear in the main contact list but they’ll still be stored in the Contacts app.

Open the Contacts app and select Groups in the upper left area of the screen. Scroll down through the list of options and uncheck the “All Facebook” option. While you’re there, you can perform a more thorough selection of what exactly shows up in your iPhone’s address book so feel free to uncheck other types of contacts as well. Tap ‘Done‘ to apply the changes.

From then on, all the contact categories you’ve disabled, won’t show up in the main contact list.

How to remove Facebook contacts on your iPhone or iPad

If you never intended to rely on Facebook to provide contacts to your address book, you can simply disable them completely. This way, they’ll disappear from the Contacts app as they were never there in the first place.

Settings - Facebook

To hide your Facebook contacts, open the Settings app and tap on Facebook. Now all you have left to do is to toggle off the ‘Contacts’ option, which will remove them from your phone’s address book (it won’t affect your Facebook contacts list).

Before we wrap this up I would like to point out one of the most important Facebook settings regarding your privacy. If you’ve linked your phone number to your Facebook account, you should know that unless you make it invisible, your friends (on Facebook that is) will be able to see it, plus it can be listed in their personal address books if they chose to import Facebook contacts.

Facebook 1

It is common knowledge that Facebook’s default settings are anything but privacy-oriented, so if you don’t want your phone number listed as public information open your Facebook profile on the web, select the ‘About‘ section and then ‘Contact and Basic info‘. There, click on the edit button next to your phone number and then select the small lock icon to set its privacy.

Facebook 2

If you don’t want to make it public make sure it is set to ‘Only Me‘.

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