How To: Remove iMessage apps in iOS 10

iMessage apps certainly make communication via iPhone’s stock app much more fun. But these days almost every developer with a popular app wants to add iMessage support. For those you already have installed, iMessage apps are automatically installed as soon as the update that implements them reaches your device. As a result, you might end up having more than you want, in which case it’s a good idea to learn how you can remove iMessage apps in iOS 10.

Obviously, having too many iMessage apps can have a negative impact on the Messages app performance so it’s best to keep just the ones you’re actually using.

How to remove iMessage apps in iOS 10

If you ever find you have too many of them, you can easily remove iMessages apps. Just open an iMessage conversation and tap on the Apps icon. Tap on the right arrow button first, if your keyboard is open.

remove iMessage apps in iOS 10

At this point, you should see the “Recents” section or an app. Tap on the grid icon located in the lower-left corner to continue.

remove iMessage apps in iOS 10

This will open the list of iMessage apps. Each has a small “x” button in the upper-left corner. Simply tap that small “x” for each app yo want to remove.

As you can see, you can remove iMessage apps very easily. This helps keep the Messages app running smoothly, and of course, the list of apps clean so you can quickly select the ones that are actually useful.

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