How To: Remove Live Tiles from the Start menu [Windows 10]

As an upgrade from the not-so-successful Windows Vista, everyone loved Windows 7. Then came Windows 8 along with the uninspired idea of removing the Start Menu to anger thousands upon thousands of loyal users that were relying on it.

Of course, third-party apps like Start Menu 8 quickly solved the problem (although not everyone was aware such programs exist) and then came Windows 10 with a newly redesigned Start Menu.

The latest Start Menu layout retains the functionality from previous versions but adds the modern Live Tiles to make it touchscreen-friendly. It does have a bright and colorful appearance, but it’s rather useless for a classic desktop.

If the Start Menu Live Tiles are annoying you, here’s how to easily get rid of them:

Remove Live Tiles from The Start Menu in Windows 10

To begin with, you’ll have to manually unpin each tile from the Start Menu. There’s no solution to unpin multiple live tiles at once, so you’ll have to take them one by one. To unpin a Live Tile from the Start Menu, simply right-click it and select the ‘Unpin from Start‘ option.

Remove Live Tiles from The Start Menu in Windows 10


After you remove all the live tiles simply click or tap (if using a touch-screen) the right edge of the Start Menu and drag it to the left as much as it lets you.

Windows 10 - Compact Start Menu

Voila! A slimmed-down version of Windows 10’s Start Menu. It’s as close as possible (without third-party apps, of course) to the old Windows 7 Start Menu with very little effort.

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