How To: Remove permanent app notifications on Android

Android allows us to clear all notifications at once, except some of them might not be removed. This can be extremely annoying, but luckily you can remove permanent app notifications on Android.

These permanent app notifications are usually displayed by apps that run continuously in the background and seeing them cluttering your notifications drawer can become frustrating very fast.

How to remove permanent app notifications on Android

If you want to remove permanent app notifications on Android, simply follow the instructions below. However, be aware our guide only works for devices running Android Nougat and Marshmallow.

A rough method would be to simply remove the apps that display these permanent notifications, but I can only assume they are actually useful to you and would like to keep them installed on your device.

Here’s a better way to deal with this. Open the notifications drawer, then press and hold on a permanent notification you want to remove.

remove permanent app notifications on Android

A list of options will be displayed and you can choose between:

Show notifications silently – This setting ensures an incoming notification won’t play any sounds. Definitely not helpful in our situation.

Block all notifications – This option removes all text and sound notifications, and we’re going to use this for the purpose of this guide.

Don’t silence or block – This is the default option that lets notifications behave as they were set by the app developer.

As I already said, for this tutorial, you will need to select “Block all notifications”. From then on, that specific app won’t display any kind of notification, including permanent ones.

Which of your installed apps show permanent notifications and do you find any of them useful or you simply chose to remove them?

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