Replay Media Catcher: Capture multimedia from anywhere

Connect To Network Folder

Replay Media Catcher is a powerful suite that will let you capture, view and edit audio and video from almost any website and streaming service you can think of. The trial version of the application is fully functional, with the only restriction being that you can only record 50% of the video/audio length from any website other than YouTube.

Installation & Requirements

The program’s installer is fully customizable. You can choose between the Recommended, Full and Minimal version of the program. There are few differences between the different modes, like registering the program as a torrent client, effectively letting it grab magnet links from the Internet. You will need Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 to run the program. WinPcap’s installation is also heavily recommended. The supported operating systems are XP, Vista, 7 and 8.


When you first start the application, you will be met by the “Welcome!” window. This window servers as a simple starting point that will let you choose one of the three interface modes (Begginer’s Interface, List View Interface and Advanced Interface) and also provide you with links to tutorials, demos and help pages. You can set it to run each time you start the program or disable it entirely. A thing to note here is that the interface can also be customized through the View menu. Toolbars and other buttons can be easily added and removed so that the interface suits your needs and likes.

Functionality is really where Replay Media Catcher shines. If you are a casual user, you will love the simplicity of the monitoring service. Simply click on the Start button and the application will automatically monitor your web surfing. When it detects a video or audio file that you play, it will automatically download and convert it in the background while you are surfing and listening to it. You can configure what the application does exactly when it detects files, the formats it can convert to and more. All of that can be done through the Settings menu, a very deep yet strangely easy to use menu.

Obviously, that is a perfect setup for more advanced users as well. Pretty much every aspect of the program can be customized to fit an individual’s needs. You can then monitor the downloaded files, the audio and video history, the converted files and more. Guides are aplenty although it is doubtful that you will need any. Even with all of the aforementioned features, the application still manages to keep things in check and provide a unique interface for all kinds of people.


-Easy to use
-Customizable down to every level
-Suitable for both experienced and amateur users
-Innovative streaming features
-Integrated conversion utilities


-None worth mentioning


Replay Media Catcher is one of the most complete video and audio capturing suites in the market. The load of features combined with just how easy it is to work with the program makes it a compelling choice for anyone.