How To: Reset an Android Tablet


There is virtually limitless number of reasons why anyone would want to erase all data on an Android tablet. You may want to sell your device, or give it away, or simply erase it all and start all over again because you might have been hacked, or some installation went completely wrong, or some ultra-modern security app has blocked access to all of your apps.

Just like with any regular computer, you can completely erase all your personal data, applications and files from your Android device in a simple, clean sweep. Make sure to do a back up of your files if you plan to use them later, or simply save your images and videos to your PC.

Depending on your device, steps may vary, but in general, the procedure begins in the Settings folder. If your device runs later versions of Android, go to Settings and scroll down to Personal are and click, or rather tap, “Backup and Reset.” From there, select “Factory Data Reset.”


Then you will see a warning message stating that you are about to erase all the data on your device’s internal storage drive, which includes photos, music, other files and downloaded apps, system and app data settings, and Google account information. Follow the instructions of the reset wizard to proceed with the factory reset and tap “Reset Tablet.”

Erase everything

Once you finish, your tablet will be back to the out-of-the-box state it was when you first unwrapped it.

In case you did not have the option to erase your external storage from within the Android reset function, you may want to format and erase the SD card altogether manually, or keep it as it is, if you need the data stored there.