How To: Reset the Keyboard dictionary on iOS (and why you might want to)

The stock iOS keyboard (and not only) learns your typing habits and frequently used words the more you use it. This can be very helpful and allow for faster typing but there’s not much room for customization. You can reset the Keyboard dictionary on iOS and while it seems drastic, there are situations in which this is necessary.

For example, the keyboard might have learned one or more words you might not want it to remember (or are actually misspelled). This can happen since the app will learn any frequently used word, even if it doesn’t know what it means.

Sadly, you cannot remove specific words from the app, and the only solution is to reset the Keyboard dictionary on iOS, which will return it to its initial state before you ever started using it.

Reset the Keyboard dictionary on iOS

You can easily reset the Keyboard dictionary on iOS, in just a few steps, so follow the simple instructions below.

Navigate to Settings -> General.

Reset the Keyboard dictionary on iOS

Tap on the ‘Reset‘ option and then select ‘Reset Keyboard Dictionary‘. You’ll be prompted to enter the passcode.

Then, you’ll be asked to confirm your choice and the Keyboard app’s dictionary will be restored to its default state.

This means it will unlearn those bad words that were provided as annoying suggestions, but sadly….also the good ones. Maybe a future update will allow us to make the Keyboard dictionary unlearn specific words, so we won’t need to perform a full reset just to remove a few of them.

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