Revel Breezer: Organize your audio files

Revel Breezer is an audio file management suite that allows users to catalogue their entire music library into various categories and preview their music tracks and audio samples. The application offers a 20-day free trial with no restrictions.

Installation & Requirements

The program’s installer is a very refreshing one and it only requires the user to click a single time while the setup takes care of everything else. The application needs Microsoft’s .NET Framework 4.5 but the installer will automatically download and install it if it is not found in your PC. The supported operating systems are Windows Vista, 7 and 8x.


Most applications that have something to do with music and audio playback are usually well-designed and Revel Breezer definitely falls into that category too. The UI is immaculate with a very nice font and background that is easy and pleasant on the eyes. Each tab is also clearly defined which is obviously very important when dealing with the organization of files, especially since there is a good chance a user’s audio tracks and samples number in the thousands.

The navigation system is very easy to understand and can help you find exactly what you are looking for through a ton of files. Searching via tags is also a brilliant addition that can really reduce the time you need to spend looking for files. And once you find whatever you are looking for, the application can present you with a lot of information about the file and its metadata while also analyzing it for things like frequency range and more. Keep in mind that all this happens in a matter of seconds as you perform searches and try to manage all those audio tracks.

Customization plays quite a large part in the application’s guidelines, seeing as how it even provides you with a couple of widgets that should make your life easier. Both of them have to do with audio playback, with the first one being designed to give you more information about a track while the second one allows you to better understand a track by placing various tap marks on it. The UI itself can also be customized to some extent but it is mostly limited to the way the navigation pane is displayed.

Finally, complexity fans will adore the options menu, a window that will also be absolutely terrifying for everyone else. The options menu’s six tabs can probably offer hours of tinkering fun to anyone who is brave enough to tread the grounds, providing even more personalization options for categorizing and managing all of your audio files.


-Easy to learn
-An abundance of configuration options
-Beautiful interface all around


-Can get a bit too complex


If you have a ton of audio files that look like a mess in your PC, Revel Breezer will help you whip them into shape in no time. With its brilliant interface and tools, it is quite hard not to like the application.

User Interface
Ease of Use