[Review] AppSales. Best Apps on Sale

It turns out that the best things in life aren’t necessarily free. Swrve, a research company that helps mobile app developers monetize their creations, just released a new study revealing that 66.1% of mobile players who downloaded a free application for the first time quit playing/using the free mobile apps/games after 24 hours of their first session. Free games also have a low rate of engagement, that is, how many times users play them. Almost 20% of first-timers opened their free games only once and uninstalled them afterwards.

Like it or not, mobile industry is abundant in quality titles that come with a hefty price tag, and if you want to get your hands on the current sales and discounts on Google Play, we suggest you install AppSales. It will deliver the most up-to-date discounts and season sales right at your fingertips.


A great money-saving app, it will deliver notifications and monitor apps and games you would like to watch in case they go on sale. What it does is basically listing apps and games on sale in Google Play store at the moment – it means you have the most accurate information about the best deals and short time offers. The app is completely free, easy-to-use, and offers intuitive configuration controls.


  • the app sends you notifications about new sales;
  • you can comment on and “like” bargains;
  • you will be able to see price history for every app and game on the list;
  • you can filter your feed to get discounts for custom selected categories;
  • you will be able to share offers with your friends via social networks;
  • the app displays direct links to the apps as well as developers websites and app trailers.



User interface is straightforward and easy to grasp. A well designed layout leaves nothing for guessing since the application is transparent and intuitive. The main page displays the most recent offers on Google Play, as well as the first app or game on the list with full description and price history. As you scroll down the list, you can select any app on it and you will see its full description and price history to the right. The Watchlist tab displays applications and games you have selected to watch for offers, as well as the most popular apps and games on other users’ watch lists. If you select the settings tab, you will be able to set individual filters for your feed – for example, you can select the percentage of the discount and the minimum downloads for the application, hence narrowing the search for the apps that are only high quality and established on Google Play.



  • modern and intuitive design;
  • an awesome money saver;
  • ample customization options.


It is ad-supported, which is not a con per se, since the ads are non-intrusive.


AppSales allows you to set your personal filters so that you only see the apps that matter to you in the feed. You can select categories of apps and games, as well as select discount percentage, which will effectively clear the list of irrelevant or rubbish apps you’re not interested in. The controls are simple and straightforward. Besides, AppSales gives you full description of the app or game, its image and price history, as well as Google Play rating, video, developer link, but most importantly it lists other versions of the app or game. For example, you will be able to see whether this or that app or game has a free, Lite or director’s cut version, so you will be making a perfectly informed decision when you buy.



AppSales is without a doubt a must-have tool for any Android user. If for some reason you would like to buy a certain app or game but consider the price too high, you simply must have this app to be able to catch the deal while it’s valid. A personal Google Play discount monitor, AppSales tracks the pulse of Google Play marketplace to deliver the best offers in a snapshot, a perfect quintessence of apps on offer. Additionally, it delivers status bar notifications when new titles go on sale. Additionally, you can customize how often you’d like to get the notifications in your status bar. It’s a great money-saving tool, delivering the most up-to-date information about discounts and offers on Google Play store and notifying you when the apps and games you are monitoring are added on the list. The app is free, explicitly simple in use and ample in configuration. There’s nothing to complain about really, so go ahead and grab it!