[Review] DaWindci Deluxe

If your device has been steaming with some intense Wayward Souls or Breach and Clear action, you might want something different to set your mind at ease, and daWindci Deluxe perfectly fit for those who appreciate eye candy and a relaxing pace above anything else. Spiced with tricky puzzles, the game gives you a breath of fresh air so different from the claustrophobic atmosphere of fungus-plagued dungeons.

  • daWindci Deluxe [Android, iOS]
  • Mimimi Productions
  • Adventure
  • Price: $1.99 on Google Play, $2.99 on iTunes

I haven’t played DaWindci before, so I won’t be comparing it to others of its kind, let alone the iPad titles. So, my opinion was not hindered by something someone else ever did.


You control a hot air balloon by swiping on the screen – your swipes create wind! There is a variety of weather tricks you will be deploying to interact with the colorful environments – lightning clouds, rain, and wind in all iterations. For example, there will be lakes and electric machines you have to blow wind at in circles to create rain clouds and lightning clouds. There will be hooks to anchor so that the hustling winds of mountains don’t carry you away.

You view the environments from above – you are the Master of the Wind, and it’s a delightful sight. The environments aren’t that large, so each level doesn’t take much time, but is engrossing.

The main goal is to get through the gates, manipulating objects in each scene and collecting three stars. The gathered stars unlock balloon skins and extra levels.


The control system is easy and responsive – swipe the direction you want the balloon to fly and you will see the wind move the aircraft. On most occasions, you have to swipe in circular movements counterclockwise to activate clouds and hurricanes, or tap quickly to throw the anchor. Overall, I found no flaws with the controls.


Visuals really shine in DaWindci Deluxe. The peculiar art style lets you play with a work of art, and the visual treat to your senses paired with the relaxing atmosphere of the game will keep the right player coming back for more. I did find the sound score a bit more minimalist that I enjoy, so a few tracks more would be a welcome addition to the gorgeous looks. When the game launched on iPad, it won the Apple Design Award, so there you have it.

Moreover, you unlock more balloon skins as you collect stars, and for those who appreciate eye candy there is enough toying with the balloon’s looks. You can choose the skin and its pattern and then play with the colors, creating your own unique style, zooming in and out on your creations and saving them. Each skin looks awesome on the strikingly bright background of levels.

Levels and Difficulty

There are 50 levels, and a few more extra challenges you unlock by collecting stars. I wouldn’t say the replay value is particularly attractive here, unless you are after three stars at all times. The first 20 or so levels are smooth and enjoyable, while what follows can be classified as challenging. The environments get increasingly hostile; the mechanisms get complicated, and there will be more actions requiring perfect timing and insane tapping and swiping. So, it’s not all chill out, but also some intense and somewhat awkward physics-based action. Needless to say, the game is great for every age category – zero violence, plenty of grey cells stimulation and dazzling graphics.


  • Over 50 puzzling levels
  • Tons of balloon skins, customizable
  • Fascinating HD design, crisp textures, shaders and particle effects
  • Relaxing gameplay
  • No IAPs
  • A great variety of environments and objects to interact with – wind turbines, electric stations, gorgeous flora and fauna
  • Best played with headphones on
  • Smooth controls


  • I miss a more defining soundtrack; something catchy and ambient, like in Out There! Or The Soul Lighter, or the possibility to choose your own playlists and tracks as in the BombSquad


daWindci is by far one of the most graphically polished games to hit Google Play this month. Its smooth controls match well with its windy physics while unique puzzles will keep you engrossed and properly entertained. The game is a visual masterpiece and a puzzling delight appropriate for adults and children, offering up to 8 hours of quality gaming experience. It lets you set your own pace and goals, and if you appreciate the game’s virtues, you won’t be playing to beat the game as soon as possible, but rather enjoy its meditative nature.