[Review] Epic Fly

Clipboard-16Epic Fly [Android] Free

Developer: Dobro
Genre: Adventure

Would you have found out about Retry if it weren’t a game from Rovio? Would you have even spotted it on the play store if it weren’t for the media buzz? Well, Epic Fly is in the same line, but without the media buzz; it is an indie game, and we encourage you check out these little indie pearls. After all, they are more likely to offer something new or interesting than the mainstream titles. It looks like it is this developer’s first try at the mobile games, and a pretty decent one for that matter.

Epic Fly is a little time killer, offering moderately hard Flappy Bird twitch action that tests your reflexes. However, it does so in a manner diametrically opposite to the said Flappy Bird or Retry. No faux-retro pixel art, no stupid obstacles, or chiptune soundtrack. If you think you have had enough of those over-used elements and styles, Epic Fly has something different to offer.



Epic Fly is a classic twitch game inspired by Flappy Bird mechanics, but put into a more moderate, possible to manage difficulty level. Make no mistake, though, it is not too simplified in its challenge. It is just made so that the initial gameplay would be accessible for the youngsters, while the more challenging levels would sting the older genre fans.

I mentioned the younger audience for a reason – Epic Fly offers a short, but beautifully drawn introductory story that would get the younger audiences and fans of the Toy Story interested. A boy was playing with his favorite toy plane in the woods, and then the absent-minded adult snatched the child from his game, and the family left. The toy plane was abandoned in the woods. Truth be told, my youngest niece got very upset about the story and felt determined to help the plane get home.

epic fly story

The game is a side-scrolling arcade, where you tap to make the plane’s propellers work. Let go and it will fall, but tap and hold and it will fly up continuously until it hits the trees. Hence, you need to keep making short taps to guide it through the bushes and trees of a beautiful forest.

Some users suggest the game is too slow while the essence of the gameplay escapes them – that is why you need to read the games’ descriptions sometimes. Epic Fly was made to help you relax, not sweat and swear and make you throw your phone on the floor, weeping. Instead, it offers a stylish blend of great visuals, familiar gameplay mechanics and ambient soundtrack set in a pace and difficulty that are both fun to play and perfect to enjoy and relax.

Nonetheless, it is still challenging enough to ignite that ‘just one more try’ itch.


The environments change with every level, and even though the mechanics remain the same, the backgrounds and the difficulty change. Epic Fly is a pleasant contrast to the pixel art games, offering vibrant Badland-like colors, shades and textures that are a delight to look at, or make them your wallpapers. Design is what makes this fun time killer a worthwhile download among the rest of similar games.


The lightning bugs flying around the forest are the bonus sparkles your plane needs to collect in order to unlock further levels, and they add more visual intensity to the overall wonderful presentation.

The soundtrack is another ambient delight that makes the game so enjoyable and relaxing.


The plane has three lives per game, and once you exhaust them it is a game over. Nonetheless, there are no restrictions on the number of retries you can take per each of the 96 levels.

In this respect, Epic Fly is a perfect offline twitch getaway that does not demand your money, just your hand-eye coordination and good reflexes. The game has neither in-app purchases, nor ads.

epic fly


  • Familiar twitch gameplay that is surprisingly relaxing
  • Accessible, yet challenging difficulty
  • Wonderful design
  • Relaxing, ambient soundtrack
  • No IAPs
  • No ads
  • Players can enjoy it offline


  • None, unless you prefer a crazy neck-breaking speed of your twitch games



Epic Fly is a charming twitch time killer – beautiful, ambient and moderately challenging. The game is free and has no ads, or IAPs, but most importantly it offers the kind of reflex-based game that manages to be surprisingly relaxing. You can play it offline, so if you are looking for a good-looking free indie game – try Epic Fly.

Design, Music
Replay Value