[Review] Jump Nuts from Ketchapp

Ketchapp is a master of short, fast-paced twitch games. We loved Jelly Jump (read our review), Skyward (review) and Escape (review), as well as Sky and Magic River. Some are superb, others are mediocre, but they all deserve a try simply because they are perfect time killers for the fans of the twitch games. Besides, Ketchapp has a knack on design and even the simplest of its games like Sky look stylish. Finally, Ketchapp has a nice approach to the free-to-play model.


Ketchapp’s newest invention is Jump Nuts. The protagonist is a crazy squirrel jumping from one nut to another, munching on the shiny gems. Each 100 gems unlock a new look for the squirrel, and from what I have been able to unlock so far, the difference is mainly in the color of the headband.

The gameplay is dead simple, but aggravatingly hard, unless you are the master of the genre. Each nut rotates clockwise. Tap and the squirrel, or whatever little animal that is, makes the jump. It gains the trajectory from the rotating nut, and landing on the next nut is easier said than done. Notably, sometimes a badly timed jump send you back on a previous nut, but it’s no good because the moment the squirrel touches the side of the screen it falls. The game keeps track of your high score, so you can compete against other players on the leaderboards.

Jump Nuts (24)


Every several retries, three to six, the game offers you to watch a video ad in exchange for 20 pieces of the shiny yellow gems. You can, of course, pass on the ads, but they let you come closer to unlocking a new look for your little jumpy critter. As a result, you unlock something new (the headband) quite often. I like this approach and think it’s a fair monetization system, especially since the players are free to decide whether they want to watch that ad, or not.

What the player can’t really decide is how often the full screen ads pop up. It does not happen too often, but at times you may want to disable that WiFi just to have a few minutes of a non-stop tapping action without interruption. Other than that, the retries are split second away, and that’s why it is very difficult to quit playing.

Jump Nuts (8)

The Good

  • Fast retries
  • Addicting twitch action
  • Perfect for playing on the go
  • Optional video ads grant you free gems to unlock the new cosmetic perks faster
  • Playable offline and online
  • High scores, leaderboards

The Bad

  • Banner ads should be less frequent not to be off-putting
  • More variety in the unlockables would add more to the replay value

Jump Nuts (15)Jump Nuts

Developer: Ketchapp
Download from iTunes
Download from Google Play
Price: free-to-play

The Verdict

The design is clean and uncluttered, although we have seen better works from the developer. Overall, the gameplay is addicting and fun, perfect for short sessions on the go. We want to see more variety in the unlockable items, however. In a perfect case scenario, the variety would not be in the color of the headbands, but in the looks of the protagonist itself. Full-screen banner ads might be off-putting for those who would want to watch the video ads in exchange for free gems otherwise.

Jump Nuts is a typical snackable game from Ketchapp, and if free twitch games playable offline and on the go are your thing, try it out. If you want to unlock more headbands for free, however, you need the connection to watch the ads.

Replay Value