[Review] Math Hopper – Finally An Endless Jumper With A Brain

From the creators of T.E.C 3001, Spectrum, Joe Dever’s Lone Wolf, Type: Rider and many other fine mobile games BulkyPix comes a tapping game Math Hopper. It may seem tapping games are dumb by nature, but not this time. BulkyPix adds math into the equation. As a result, the game is challenging, with a high replay value and a wonderful clean design.


The gameplay takes place on what seems to be an endless path made of number tiles. You control a hopping number. Your goal is to think fast and get your number as far as you can. The problem is it interacts with the tile numbers. So, if your number is 5, and the next tile is +3, your number changes to 8 once it lands on the tile. You die if you get a double-digit or sub-zero number.


The controls are simple. Tap to jump one tile, double-tap to skip one tile and land on the second one.


Notably, there are special check point kind of tiles that require your number to be the same number that the check point tile is. If your number is not the same as the yellow tile number by the time you land on it, you die.

It does feel a little unforgiving, especially since there is a nasty saw chasing your number, and if you take too long – you are dead. Restart over again.


The design is clean and the colors are easy on the eyes. The minimalist clean cut shapes make it quite easy to focus on the math task at hand. Yet, a single bad move can ruin a nice flow. The neat design is accompanied by the tapping sounds that make the flow ever more aesthetically pleasing.


The game is free, with an optional IAP to remove the ads, worth $1.99. Users report frequent ads disrupting the gameplay after every death, but since I am using a firewall that does not let the games get through online unless I explicitly say so, my gameplay experience was smooth. Expect the same if you play offline.


That said, Math Hopper is a sweet snackable time killer for math lovers. I see an untapped potential here for the game to get a special “Easy” mode for the kids learning math. Or, let the Pause button leave the number tiles visible, so the younger players could do the math using their fingers, thoughtfully staring into space.

The final touch is a selection of 9 skins you can unlock when you score 20, 30, 40 and so on. The skin is for the jumping number of yours, and does not add that much of a diversity. Well, I unlocked the second skin, and I can’t say it’s a big motivator to keep playing. The high score and the leaderboard does motivate to keep playing, and the quick, short gameplay sessions are perfect for training your math skills on the go. It’s a nice little time killer for math lovers, but it would appeal to an even wider audience if it had a mode for the first-graders.

The Good

  • Fast, snackable, smart gameplay
  • Playable offline
  • Neat design
  • Moderately difficult to easy, depending on how fast you are with simple math
  • Great for math lovers
  • Refreshing take on endless jumping and tapping genre
  • Smooth performance
  • Nifty sound score
  • 9 unlockable skins
  • No paywalls
  • Good replay value for the right player

The Bad

  • Ads may seem disrupting for some players, and since there is no escaping, offering some 5 to 10 points in exchange for watching yet another one would sweeten the pill
  • Could use a simpler mode for kids learning math
  • More variety in the theme colors would be a nice addition to the selection of unlockables

Clipboard-2Math Hopper

Developer: BulkyPix
Genre: Arcade
Offers in-app purchases
Download from Google Play | iTunes
Price: free, ad-supported, $1.99 IAP removes ads

The Verdict

Math Hopper is a sweet math-based time killer perfect for short gameplay sessions on the go. It’s a nice brain workout for those who are good at math, even more so for those who have trouble counting fast. Practice makes perfect. We want to see it expand its reach and make an easy mode for the younger audience.

Replay Value
IAPs, Ads