[Review] myBabyD – Baby photo editor

Babies are cute – Anne Geddes made a name for herself thanks to her world renowned baby photographs and post cards. But you as a parent of a cute baby don’t have to be Anne Geddes to make your baby photos look like post cards. Nor do you need to buy complicated or expensive software. A mobile app can do the trick.

myBabyD – Baby photo editor

Developer: My Baby Drawings SL
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MyBabyD is a photo editing app that lets you unleash that parental creativity and make your baby photos into funny and quite original collages, post cards and even adventure scenes. All you need is a couple of your baby pictures. Next, browse the available templates and see which ones fit your image the best. There are funny winter holiday templates, adventure templates, even horror templates, where your baby can be a sea traveler, a burglar, or a parkour style wall climber, or a driver. There are Mom templates, where you can boast off your baby belly, complete with the months count.

The app is easy to use. Choose a template, then select your baby picture. You need to outline your baby with an easy to use outline tool, and then the app automatically removes the background. From there, you can fine-tune the cropped baby image by cutting off the unnecessary background leftovers. It’s all really easy. Next, insert the baby picture into the template.


From there, you have a set of stickers to add – you have the template before your eyes to make sure you don’t miss anything. The thing is you need to add the stickers, like hats and cars after you add the baby image in order to re-size and position everything to look as naturally as possible. In addition, you can add text, choose font and size, apply filters to the image and share it via social networks and email. The result is saved in your Gallery and you can simply send it as an image, or return to it and keep editing in myBabyD.

The app features a short and comprehensive tutorial and additional paid templates if you want more scenes. The free app is ad-supported while the IAP removes ads, opens more templates and adds a possibility to save your works in more sizes.


Overall, it’s a fun app for its target audience. Perhaps, it needs more templates and more variety in styles. It would be nice to have the Material design styled templates with bold colors, or retro-styled, or all those themes that go well with the babies like angels, butterflies, fluffy clouds, tons of flowers and cute puppies and kittens. Considering it’s a new app hot right out the oven, we may expect more expansions and freebies for the upcoming holidays, birthday-themed templates, you name it. The potential is immense. Try it.

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