[Review] Pixelscapes – Pure Pixel Magic for Your Android Screen

Care to turn your Android device into a work of pixel art? If games like Nub’s Adventure, Tiny Death Star, Wayward Souls, The Enchanted Cave 2, Quest Keeper, Pixel Boat Rush, You Must Build A Boat and Alto’s Adventure, or Skiing Yeti Mountain and other pixel-art, atmospheric styled masterpieces are your thing, you will love this look. Drawn by Jared Cohen and coded by Bret Hudson, Pixelscapes is a live wallpaper app with three animated pixel art scenes. Now that I am marveling at it on my device, I wish it were made into a game one day because the art is marvelous.

Pixelscapes Wallpaper

Developer: Bret Hudson
Download from Google Play
Price: $0.99

The first scene (see featured image) is reminiscent of Alto’s Adventure – a snowy mountain peak, a lone wooden house on top of it. Blue lake and a starry night sky above it create a truly magical atmosphere. It looks amazing with or without the icons.

Pixelscape (6)

The second scene will appeal to those who are sick and tired of winter and care for a warm, ocean breeze. Enjoy the ocean view with the swimming fish, snakes and sharks, some palm trees and yellow sand beaches. The white gulls flying in some distant clear blue sky – it’s darn good, and the pixel art make it look even more mysterious. The sun rays illuminate the ocean water and its dwellers.

Scene three is a wooden windmill on a lush green hill above a lake or a sea, a house with a ladder, and some people in a boat with white sails. You can see the wind touching the sails as the boat passes by the cliffs, and the white birds making a tour over the hill tops. It’s pure pixel magic.

Pixelscape (2)

The customization options let you set the speed for each wallpaper and change the wallpaper based on time. If you enable the “change based on time” feature, it will automatically set the starry night/snowy peaks as your night scene, and the other two as your morning and evening scenes.

Overall, it’s a great bargain for a $0.99. We are looking forward to more scenes from the duo, and perhaps a change in the day/time setting that would make it possible for each scene to have the day and night looks.

Beautiful, atmospheric and optimized to be gentle on your device’s battery, Pixelscapes gives your device a magical makeover.

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