[Review] Ringgz: Addictive Brick Breaker for Android

Get insomniac or spend your daytime hours playing instead of working with this colorful, fast-paced and highly addictive arcade game.

Even though Ringgz is not a typical brick breaker game, it is highly addictive and will keep you entertained, sabotaging your productivity hours on end. The game places circles of bricks for you to smash in a fast-paced and challenging gameplay, where you have to act quickly crushing the inner blocks to unleash even more rings. There are plenty of quite interesting obstacles and helpful power ups.

Price: free


  • Really fast, addictive and extremely challenging, yet rewarding game.
  • Awesome take on classic brick breaking games.
  • Slick game concept
  • Fine sense of humor
  • Tricky game rules
  • Really helpful power ups and aggravating power downs
  • Overall enjoyable gaming experience


As of now, there is only one game mode in the free version, with 2 more modes available via in-app purchases.


Ringgz sports a pleasant and colorful design blended into a speedy arcade game, where your goal is to proceed as much as you can, breaking bricks, and the more, the better. It is not a flat plane with a horizontal platform that we are used to in many classical games, but rather takes place in the rows of circular blocks. You proceed by eliminating the inner rings, and, as you succeed to destroy one inner ring completely, a new outer ring emerges. The ball shoots off in the middle and starts going back and forth smashing bricks. It is possible to spin the bricks in the circles, but the ball itself does not spin; it remains intact. This is where all the fun begins.

Ringgz 3

You must take extra caution not to break the bricks on the outer ring because this will send your ball out of the game, and you will have to start over, which deducts the lost ball. Overall, you have three balls per game. You can spin the rings in any direction you like, but you need to have a strategy because you have a meter on your right, which determines how much spinning maneuvers you have left. While the lower bar means you have more spins, the higher bar means you are on the verge of locking the rings for some period of time.

The additional colored blocks spice up the game.

The above-mentioned colored blocks include blue, green and red colors, and as you hit them, you get a score multiplier box, which fills up as you hit the colored bricks. When you fill up a row in the score multiplier box, you get one multiplier to your entire score, but be careful not to lose the ball because it will eliminate your score multiplier.

Ringgz 2

In addition, there are some special gold blocks, and the developer suggests that Golden blocks provide unexpected results, “hopefully you will like the surprises.” One of such surprises is the funny “Dumb Ball” power-up, where the ball acts as crazy, propelling itself in the whacky manner. Golden block surprises are abundant and are strongly recommended for exploration.

The above-mentioned are just some of the few perks that can either boost your performance or slow you down while the other features include multiple balls, ring hardener, growing goal and some nifty mini-games to let you earn some extra points to increase your chances of progress. As you play mini-games, you can aggregate point multipliers that are accumulated at the bottom left corner, and, unlike many other games, Ringgz allows you accumulate bonuses faster than you manage to notice it.

Ringgz offers Google Play Games-powered global leaderboards and the only drawback of the game is the only mode available free of charge, but we sure hope the developer is going to introduce more modes to make currently available via in-app purchases Time Trial Mode and Survival Mode free of charge.

Ringgz 4

The graphics are quite minimalistic, but the transitions are smooth and bright, sometimes explosive and artsy while the unobtrusive soundtrack and sound effects accompany the action very well.

Game Tips

There are a few tricks that will help you stay alive longer as you play Ringgz. First of all, by all means avoid breaking the outer ring because if you do, you risk losing your ball.

Also, don’t exaggerate spinning the game board too much because you will run out of spin maneuvers and will not be able to use them when you really need them.

Try hitting the standard colored blocks as much as you can to increase your score multiplier. You will learn how to use the spin to manipulate the ball as you progress because this is a powerful tool to help you aim the ball.


Ringgz is by far one of the best free new games on Google Play offering an interesting and very addictive take on classic brick breaking games. This game poses a risk of consuming your productive hours if you dare to download it during work. In the meantime, go ahead and install the game.

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