[Review] Silk paints drawing

Would you like to create your own live wallpapers, or static wallpapers that look this awesome? With Silk paints drawing app, you can discover an artist in the depths of your personality.


Have you ever heard of silk painting? I haven’t, until I found this awesome art tool, and it set me back several hours of work just toying with it. Just like in any drawing app, you get a canvas, colors and a brush, but Silk Paints has a special twist to it – it renders your drawing in silk painting style, which creates intricate wavy patterns, shiny and transparent. With this tool, both adults and children, established artists and those who never thought they could draw, can create something of value because it is just plain easy.


As I said, you get the canvas, brush, or brushes if you buy, color wheel and a set of backgrounds you can either buy for diamonds or money. I would suggest beginners start with plain black background while they get used to the peculiar drawing style of Silk paints.

Now, the app is designed to work with and without a stylus. I don’t have one, so I can only imagine what a bliss it is to draw with a stylus here, but my experience was quite smooth and pleasant, despite a few occasional crashes.

UI and Options

The UI itself is easy to figure out. At the bottom, there is a pull-up window, which takes you to the shop. Here, you can download user created tracks and wallpapers, or buy sets of new brushes – ice, fire, and neon. Everything looks gorgeous, and you will have an idea of what you could draw in no time, just browse the gallery.

At the bottom right, there is a circle showing which color is currently active. If you tap it, you will open the color wheel, which also has a set of 6 predefined colors you can change at your heart’s content. The color wheel is nothing special, though, but quite enough for drawing.

At the left, there is a pull out menu for other options. You can share your creations, or view the live track when you are done creating. You can also send it to trash, or undo something, but the latter did not work for me. The curious thing is I had to tap exit in Android menu to bring up the Save option, which allows you to save the track into your gallery. It is worth mentioning the app creates a dedicated Silk paints drawing folder in your Pictures folder, as well as adds Silk paints drawing option to your Live Wallpaper menu.

It is worth mentioning the app reproduces your creation process as a video track, live wallpaper, and the spectacle is very worth seeing. The transitions and animations are fascinating, and you can watch your creations come to life on your device’s screen, pleasing yourself with something you have created on your own, or downloading awesome tracks from other users.

a 5-second creation of mine
a 5-second creation of mine


It comes free of charge with basic options – one brush and a color wheel, an option to set your track as a wallpaper or live wallpaper, access to the gallery of user created tracks, and the ability to spend some diamonds you get for downloading the app on special backgrounds.

You can buy more brushes one by one, or a while set of them via in-app purchase and continue creating masterpieces. The paid brushes include light, dark, color companion and rainbow, as well as sets themed as ice, fire and neon styles.

community gallery
community gallery


In Silk paints drawing, you start with nothing and end up with a ‘Wow!’ Swipe, drag and swish you fingers or stylus across the canvas and watch dazzling creations come to life. Your skill level, or the absence of whereof, won’t stop you from creating graphical magic here. If you take a look at screenshots, you will get the idea of how easy it is because the bottom line of Silk paints drawing functionality is drawing with the 4th of July fireworks crafted into a fine semi-transparent, self-dispersing brush on a night dark canvas. The most important, though, drawing is very simple.

Silk Paints Screenshot (2)
Zero skills, one persistence


  • Easy to use
  • Records and replays your drawings
  • Great brush by default, and additional sets available via in-app purchases
  • The possibility to create your own live wallpaper
  • Access to art gallery of awesome wallpapers created by other users
  • The possibility to use any photo as a background
  • The possibility to use texture backgrounds
  • Sharing options
  • Ample zoom
  • Multi-touch navigation
  • Full HD devices compatibility
  • Works in both landscape and portrait orientation
  • Saves images to your SD card
  • Does not require Internet connection to draw


  • The title! I keep forgetting it, but it’s too late to complain
  • Crashes when I try to set wallpaper from within the app. I might be doing something wrong, though.
Silk Paints Screenshot (13)
my girlfriend drew this in a blink of an eye

Note 1: the developers are testing some new features right now, and you can get a hands-on with new brushes if you request them by following instructions here.

Note 2: Galaxy Note owners have a special dedicated edition of the app available on Google Play Store for $2.99, with some advanced functionality otherwise unavailable in the free app. For example, you can control brightness and transparency, or add accents and light details, or color hues and more. You can get Silk paints – Galaxy Note here.

Silk Paints Screenshot (20)
a galactic bug of mine


Silk paints drawing is pure magic for anyone who seeks to spend an hour or two toying with shapes and colors on a regular basis. The app wins affection of kids and adults alike, not giving you a chance to escape its appeal. It is very easy to use, so seniors and minors can pick it up and start creating immediately, which is way better than boiling their brains with flappy and candy games. Aspiring artists, however, will be able to climb their way up in deviantART community, creating awesome wallpapers and live wallpapers without breaking a sweat. I never thought drawing could be so much fun, and for now, I am staying with Silk paints drawing as my major source of wallpapers.