Revo Uninstaller: Nothing is irreversible

Revo Uninstaller is an uninstall utility that comes bundled with a few extra features on the side such as the built-in bowser, the Microsoft Office and Windows complete history eraser or the AutoUpdate feature able to detect outdated software on your computer. Furthermore, Revo Uninstaller makes a few of the system tools and settings a bit more accessible, like the ability to easily change which programs you would like to automatically run at startup.

Revo Uninstaller – Main

Installation & Requirements

Revo Uninstaller has a smooth installation process, with no adware, pop-ups or anything similar. The software comes in a freeware version that can be use indefinitely, but there is also a more powerful version called Revo Uninstaller Pro, offering a few more extra features, for example visual theme support or the ability to perform full system registry back-ups, as well as the full 64-bit support.

Revo Uninstaller is supported by Windows 2000/XP/Server/Vista/Win 7 and in order to run properly needs at least an Intel Pentium 133 MHz or equivalent and 64 MB of RAM


The Revo Uninstaller user interface is pretty easy to familiarize with. Basically, the Revo main window looks like an improved version of the Windows built-in Programs and Features removal, with larger icons, a few more buttons on the side and the main window containing every program found on your computer.

Accessing features such as the System tools or the History eraser is an efortless and intuitive task, as a sliding panel containing these tools is conveniently placed on the left side of the screen. To sum this up in a few words, the Revo Uninstaller interface does not offer shiny new or innovative looks but it’s functional and easy to understand and work with.

On the toolbar there is also a button called Hunter Mode, a shortcut to one of the key features offered by Revo uninstaller. Hunter Mode is a tool that will help the user to  uninstall applications with a simple right click  on their shortcuts, kill and delete processes and much more.

In case you like the features but dislike the looks, there is also the option of customizing the user interface with visual themes, however this function is only available after purchasing a Revo Uninstaller Pro license.


– Easy to use and familiarize with
– Indisputably better than the built-in Windows alternative
– Offers a few system tools and features that can be very useful
– Makes some Windows System tools much more accessible
– Very low system requirements
– Powerful with very little resource cost
– The standard version is free indefinitely
– Great language support


– No customization options in the Standard version
– The HDD tracks cleaner can take quite a while to complete

Revo Uninstaller Alternatives

There is no software out there that doesn’t have an alternative or competitor and Revo Uninstaller is not an exception to that rule. Although it offers pretty much everything you would need from an uninstaller, there are a few alternatives that might offer a better experience for some.

One of these alternatives is AppCleaner, a similar tool that can be found on Windows and Mac. It offers a better alternative to the Mac OS built-in uninstaller and it also features a few tools for cleaning your HDD of unwanted files. In a nutshell, AppCleaner is a great uninstalling tool for those who are looking for a Revo Uninstaller alternative on the Mac platform.

Another Revo Uninstaller alternative is Glary Utilities, a program that offers not only a removal tool but also a bit of a privacy protection, system speed-up utilities, disk cleaning tools and a few more goodies. Exactly like Revo Uninstaller, Glary Utilities is only available for Windows and comes in both freeware and paid versions.


Revo Uninstaller is probably the best uninstalling utility that is currently available for free. Although it doesn’t provide optimizing tools like Glary Utilities does, Revo Uninstaller does its job of uninstalling and removing traces without any flaws. It offers a friendly user interface and it places some of the “harder to reach” system tools more conveniently at the user’s disposal. It’s much better than the Windows Programs and Features uninstaller and the Hunter Mode is a tool that once you get used to, it will be hard to live without it.