Rift of Raigard puts players in control of the story

Cezar Renta

We’ve never seen a game quite like Rift of Raigard, so naturally we’re quite excited to see that its Kickstarter campaign is well underway right now. An epic fantasy adventure from indie developer Dun Rite Games, Rift of Raigard is an RTS that’s looking to try new things by putting players in charge of the story through competition.

Players can align themselves with one of Rift of Raigard’s many factions before embarking on their journey. Team up with the Folklords or Imperials if your major goal is to restore peace to the war-torn land. If it’s chaos that you sow, join up with the Gremlochs or Brutes, forces of darkness that rule the undead and drive darkness and plague across the land. If you’re power hungry, align yourself with the Coalites, who will stop at nothing to use every ounce of the land’s natural resources to bring themselves to power. Each faction features unique heroes, troops, and base skins.

Once you’ve established where you stand and join a guild, you can start conquering the Triosphere for the glory of you and your allies. Immerse yourself in Rift of Raigard’s rich story and gorgeous locales, or fight your way to the top of the is expected for fame and riches. Dun Rite Games promises something for any type of player, whether you want to study up on the game’s lore or fight it out with your friends.

If you like what you see, you can head over to Rift of Raigard’s Kickstarter and leave pledge. The campaign ends on December 18, and, if successful, the game is expected to launch in May, 2019.