Roaming Call Control is an Android app that helps you always dial the right numbers while roaming

Traveling abroad can be a lot of fun and offer unique interesting experiences. Among the annoying ones is calling to other countries while roaming. Unless you’re trying to call someone from your home country, you probably don’t know all country codes and ensuring you always type your numbers right can be a drag.

Roaming Call Control is a handy app you’ll probably love if you travel a lot. What it does is automatically detect when you’re in roaming mode and when you dial a number without a country code, the app lets you choose the destination country and adds the correct code to your number on the spot.

Roaming Call Control - Home

On the main screen, you can see the app’s current configuration at a glance. Roaming Call Control can automatically detect roaming service, so it works only when you need it. Of course, you wouldn’t need to open it unless you’re actually travelling abroad, but still, this is a useful feature.

Roaming Call Control - number correction

When you try to dial a number without a country code while in roaming, the app will warn you and offer to correct it, although you can simply press “Skip” if you want to dial it as it is, or “Cancel” if you changed your mind about making the call.

Roaming Call Control - Settings

As far as support goes, Roaming Call Control supports most countrie and the best part – you don’t need to set it up. It just works out of the box. Nevertheless, it does have a Settings pane, but it’s resumed to toggling the app’s features on/off as you need them. The debug mode is an interesting option as well, because it lets you test the app even while you’re not in roaming – just to see if it works for you.

All of these features are offered for free and there are a few premium ones too, which you can unlock for a one-time fee of $1. The in-app purchase removes the adds and offers automatic call correction on top of everything I mentioned above.

This is one of those good quality apps the Play Store is so skilled at burying under piles of apps from top developers. If you travel a lot, I definitely recommend you check out Roaming Call Control. It sure simplifies dialing external numbers and doesn’t require users to setup anything, making its usage as easy as can be.

Download Roaming Call Control (Google Play)

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