[Guide] Run the same app side by side in Android Nougat

Until now, split-screen multitasking has been available on Android handsets from manufacturers like LG and Samsung. However, Android Nougat finally has a multi-window mode that ensures this capability is available on all devices running Android 7.0 or higher.

Nevertheless, the stock multi-window feature still has a limitation. You cannot run the same app side by side. This can be useful for many things, like viewing two documents at the same time and chatting in multiple conversation threads simultaneously.

How to run the same app side by side in Android Nougat

Luckily, a new app called Parallel Windows overcomes this limitation and lets you run the same app side by side in Android Nougat, no root required. Be aware it only works for apps that support split-screening.

The first thing you need to do is to install Parallel Windows, which you can do by visiting the link below.

Download Parallel Windows for free (Google Play Store)

Open the app and you will be greeted by a notification informing you it’s still in early development and that you might experience some bugs. Simply check the box next to “I understand” and tap on “Continue”.

Now you will need to enable the “Permit to draw over other Apps” option if it wasn’t already. Then, activate the “Enable Accessibility Service” option. On the Accessibility screen select Parallel Windows For Nougat, enable the Accessibility service and tap on “OK” to continue.

These permissions are needed for the app to work properly so you will need to grant them all if you want to be able to run the same app side by side in Android Nougat.

The app lets you enable split screen mode from a trigger area, which you can adjust from its interface. In editing mode, it looks like a red rectangle on the side of the screen, but it turns transparent once you finish customizing it.

If you like to change the size of the trigger area you just need to edit the values in the hotspot dimensions area. The first value represents the width, while the second is the weight.

Now you can finally run the same app side by side on your Android Nougat phone or tablet. Just open the app you would like to use in split-screen more and swipe in from the trigger area you just set up.

Tap on the grid icon and you will see a list of your installed apps. All you need to do is select the same app from the recent apps list. Of course, you can also use Parallel Windows to  run two different apps side by side. And if you’re on a tablet, it lets you run apps on multiple windows.

To exit the split-screen mode you just need to press the recent apps button.

Have you tried Parallel Windows on your Nougat device and what are you using it for?

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