[How To] Run Microsoft Edge in Private Mode

While it was pretty rough back when it was launched, Microsoft Edge is now a feature-rich web browser and it has similar capabilities to its competitors. Privacy features are always a must in any respectable web browser, which is exactly why it’s possible to run Microsoft Edge in Private Mode.

If you’re wondering what this feature is, you might be familiar with Chromes Incognito Mode, or Firefox’s Private Browsing function. Just like Edge’s Private Mode, these features work in a similar manner. They allow you to open a new private window where you can navigate the web as usual except no browsing data will be stored, including cookies, history, and temporary internet files.

How to run Microsoft Edge in Private Mode

As soon as you close the Private Browsing window, all the above-mentioned data will be automatically deleted. This is especially useful when you need to browse the web on a shared PC. Keep reading to find out how to run Microsoft Edge in Private Mode:

Edge now has a list of excellent features including extension support, a dark theme, tab groups and support for the EPUB format. It only makes sense it would offer private browsing as well.

To run Microsoft Edge in Private Mode, there are two (equally simple) methods you can use.

run Microsoft Edge in Private Mode

The first one requires you to launch the browser and click on the three-dots settings icon in the top right corner of the screen. In the pop-up menu, select the option called “New InPrivate window”.

A new window will be opened in Private Mode. Once you close it, all its browsing data will be automatically removed.

The second method relies on Edge’s taskbar icon context menu. If you have Edge pinned to the taskbar it doesn’t need to be open, otherwise launch it and right-click on the taskbar icon.

Click on “New InPrivate window” in the jump list. A new Private Mode window will be opened.

For the moment, you can’t open a private tab inside a regular Edge session like you can in other browsers. Nevertheless, the private window can have multiple tabs opened and non of them will save browsing data. It’s also worth mentioning you can have private and regular windows opened at the same time.

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