RunKeeper updated with Material Design and performance improvements

The fantastic RunKeeper is the latest app to join the club of Material Design with the version 5.5.3 update. You know that the developers have paid a lot of attention to the guidelines and the UI overhaul when there is an official blog post about it.

RunKeeper Old Vs New Activities

Pretty much every aspect of the app has been updated but the most obvious change is in the Activities section. The old version simply featured your recent workouts with some limited information while the new one has a card-style interface with an activity map and detailed data about your runs. The only downside I can think of is something that holds true for all Material apps and that is the smaller text and wider images which some people reasonably dislike.

RunKeeper Old Vs New Friends

As you can see from these images, the interface has been completely redesigned to conform to Google’s latest guidelines and I have to say it looks amazing. I am kind of biased of course because I have recently started using RunKeeper and I was enjoying it even though it did not feature Material Design. Now I only have good things to say about the app which is helping me get into running.

The app can be found in the Play Store and App Store for the low price of free 🙂