Save Spotify music offline and use less mobile data

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Video streaming eats up considerably more data compared to audio streaming. However, if you’re an avid music listener there’s a good chance you’ll reach your data cap well before the month is over. Spotify is an excellent streaming service so if you’re using it, it’s possible to save Spotify music offline so you can listen to your favorite tunes and use less mobile data.

Those who are subscribed to Spotify’s Premium service can easily save music and listen to it offline. If there’s something that makes those $10 a month worth it, this is certainly it.

How to save Spotify music offline

To save Spotify music offline, you need to be a Spotify Premium subscriber. The paid service allows you to download songs for offline playback on up to three devices, 3,333 tracks for each device. This means you can download up to 9,999 songs across all your devices.

Oddly, you can only download playlists or albums – there’s no way to download individual tracks.

With that said, launch Spotify and open the playlist or album you want to save offline. Assuming you’re subscribed to the Premium service, there should be a Download toggle. Tap it and the playlist or album will download to your phone. Also, each downloaded song will have a small green arrow icon.

From then on, playing any of the saved songs will happen offline and won’t use streaming over the cellular connection.

Enable offline mode

The songs you saved on your device won’t use any data but any other content on Spotify you want to listen to will. If you want to make sure you won’t end up streaming anything by accident, the safest way to go is to enable Offline Mode.

Open Spotify and go to the Your Library tab. There, tap the Setting icon and tap again on Playback.

Next, enable the option called “Offline”. This will make sure you won’t stream any content by accident. When you use Spotify’s Search function while in Offline Mode, it will only show tracks saved on your device in the list of results.

Offline Mode is a convenient way to make sure Spotify doesn’t use any of your mobile data. However, it’s worth mentioning you need to go online at least once a month so Spotify can confirm your subscription.

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