How To: Schedule automatic tasks

Since most people are using their computers almost every day for various things, creating automatic tasks is a feature that everyone should know about. This way you can save time by automating some of the processes you do every day or even set up reminders so that you never forget things. You do not even have to download anything as the Task Scheduler is included with Windows. This tutorial will show you how to create basic tasks as they are extremely easy and should cover the needs of most people.

1. To start with, search for “Task Scheduler” or simply “schedule” in the search box. Click on Task Scheduler when it appears
2. In the right side of the Task Scheduler window you will see a “Create Basic Task…” option. Click on it to continue.
3. The first thing you need to do is enter a name and an optional description for the task.


4. Next is the trigger. This is the frequency for the task. There are a ton of options for this and you can even set specific days for each.


5. Now you will need to choose an action. You can start a program, send an e-mail or display a message. You will need to enter the specific details when you click Next.


6. In the final step you will review your choices. When you are ready, click on Finish.


You are done! The tasks will now run at the intervals you have specified without any more interaction from you. Restarting your computer keeps the tasks so if you want to disable them you will have to do it manually.