How To: Schedule volume levels on Android

Most of us have a daily routine that remains consistent. We have work/school hours, extra activities, time we spend at home and of course, sleeping hours. Depending on the time of day, you might need a different ringtone volume on your smartphone. A simple app makes it easy to schedule volume levels on Android devices.

Some of them come with this feature but the truth is most of them don’t. And there might be some more complicated methods to schedule volume levels on Android, but today we’re going to look at one that’s quite simple.

How to schedule volume levels on Android

Volume Scheduler is a free app that allows you to set volume levels on a schedule depending on the time and day of the week.

The first step is to install the app, which you can do by visiting the Play Store link below. Alternatively, you can simply search for Volume Scheduler in the app store.

Download Volume Scheduler (Google Play Store)

After the app finishes installing, launch it and in the main menu make sure the Volume Scheduler option is enabled (you can find it at the top of the screen).

However, a quicker way is to edit an existing preset so tap on one then choose ‘Edit’ from the following option.

On the editing screen, you can change the profile’s name, and the ‘Volume Profile’ option allows you to tweak the system, alarm and voice call levels that are applied while this profile is enabled.

Furthermore, you can set a custom ringtone and a notification tone and last but not least, set the time period during which the profile is active.

If you scroll down, you will also be able to choose the days of the week for this particular profile.

There’s also an option called ‘Show popup and ask before applying on schedule time’. This ensures you will be prompted to switch to this profile according to the schedule you define, but it won’t be automatically enabled. This might be useful or not depending on your preferences, so use as needed.

Now that you’ve set up your first profile, you can go ahead and edit the other volume profile, and even add more profiles.

With everything set up, you will likely never need to manually change volume levels. Since Volume Scheduler makes it so easy to schedule volume levels on Android and it’s a free app, it’s definitely worth using it.

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