[Tip] Scribble message replies on watchOS 3

The Apple Watch has always been undeniably versatile but at the same time far from a smartphone’s functionality. Until watchOS 3 there was no way to type a message reply on your wrist. While it’s not technically typing, it is possible to scribble messages on watchOS 3.

So how does it work? Whenever you need to send a reply you can simply scribble letters and numbers as needed and the iWatch will detect the words and turn them to text. It works very well and while it doesn’t replace a keyboard it sure is better than the small selection of preset replies we were able to use in the past.

How to scribble message replies on watchOS 3

The Scribble feature works in any app that supports the reply feature of the Apple Watch. If you get a message notification, simply swipe down on it.

scribble message replies on watchOS 3

At this point, you should be seeing a “Scribble” option so tap on it. If you don’t have this option (because of all the different app layouts) just use the “Reply” button.

A dotted grid will appear onto which you can start writing letters and numbers using your finger – one at a time, of course. If somehow you make a mistake you can use the Backspace button to delete it.

Tap on “Send” after you finish writing the reply.

You can also send a new message using the Scribble feature. Simple open the messaging app of your choice and select the conversation. The “Scribble” button will be displayed.

As you can see, it’s easy to scribble message replies on watchOS 3 and while it’s not exactly typing on a keyboard, this feature certainly makes the Watch friendlier when it comes to text-based communication.

Have you tried the Scribble feature in watchOS 3 and do you find it useful?

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