Search restaurants with emoji on iPhone next time you’re hungry

If you thought emoji can only be used just to liven up conversations, think again. Next time your stomach is growling, try to search restaurants with emoji on iPhone.

It’s certainly not something we can live without, but I can promise it’s a new and fun way to search for food and restaurants, but also other things.

How to search restaurants with emoji on iPhone

This method of searching works with Spotlight, so pull down on a Home screen icon to launch it, then bring up the Emoji keyboard.

Pick an emoji and enter it in the search field. Depending on your selection, Spotlight will search for relevant results. If you choose a food icon you will search restaurants with emoji on iPhone which serve that specific type of food.


Things are as straightforward as possible. If you enter a pizza emoji, the search results will show pizza joints, and if you type in a taco, you will find places that serve tacos and Mexican food. Next to each result you will also see Yelp reviews and the address if this information is available.

While searching for food and restaurants is fun, you should also try using other emoji icons as well. For example, if you search with an apple emoji, you will find details about Apple Inc.

The feature is very straightforward as it simply used the iOS emoji definitions (also works on MACs) to search in Spotlight. Give it a try and let us know what you think!

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