Secure Folder: Protect your most valuable folders and data with ease

In the virtual age we are currently living in, protecting your computer data that can possibly contain personal information is extremely important. That is exactly what Secure Folder does easily and hassle free.

Installation & Requirements

The installation process is quite simple and gets completed fast. If you want a desktop icon remember to check the respective box. Lastly, keep in mind that the application will take you to a Facebook page after it is done. The supported operating systems are Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8 in both 32 and 64 bit. You will also need Microsoft’s .NET Framework 2.0 or higher.


After the setup is done and you run the application, you will be asked to enter a password, a recovery e-mail in case you forget it and an optional password hint if you think you will not remember it. You should absolutely not write anything in the hint that will help outsiders know what your password is as it will defeat the whole nature of the program.

Locking down folders is very easy. You can drag and drop them to the program, browse them through the add button or simply right click on any folder and you will see the locking options in the context menu. The last option is enabled by default but you can disable it through the settings menu if you do not want it. From there you can encrypt, lock and hide them even in combination if you want maximum security. If you want to remove protection from a folder you simply need to check their respective boxes in the program’s menu and click on the “Insecure” button. Your protected files will have a different file icon unique to the application so that you can tell them apart from each other.

What is truly unique about the application is that it offers a lot more than a simple folder protection utility. In the toolbar you will notice the tool menu which contains 11 more utilities mostly based around your files and your privacy. Each of them offers a unique service and all of them combined will make your life easier as well as protect your files and make your file management a bit faster.


-Securing folders is as easy as clicking through a few screens
-The crazy amount of extra tools make the program one of the most complete packages for not only securing your files but also organizing them and maintaining your privacy
-The program is very friendly to inexperienced users


-None that are worth mentioning


If you are looking to secure your private data but you want to make the full out of every program you install on your computer, then Secure Folder will surely be a welcome addition to your arsenal. Not only is it a robust folder securing application on its own but the extra utilities make the decision to install it that much easier.