SecurityKISS Tunnel: A free VPN

Privacy concerns are a large part of the internet nowadays and everyone should try to protect themselves from malicious users. SecurityKISS Tunnel is a VPN service that will allow you to easily encrypt your connection.

Installation & Requirements

The application’s size is really small so the installation should complete very fast. However, you might need to give your permission for the installer to complete depending on your computer’s settings. The program supports Windows XP and later, Mac OS X 10.4-10.7, Linux, Android and iOS devices.


The program’s interface is really quite basic since minimum user input is required for the application to run. In the bottom of the page you will able to check your Local and External IP as well as your current protection status. Starting the encrypted tunnel connection is as simple as pressing the Connect button. The application will automatically try to receive your location and point you to a server closest to you. However, you can always change the server by clicking on the icon at the bottom right corner of the main interface. This is extremely useful if you want to use the service as a proxy in order to access websites and content that would be otherwise unavailable in your country.

In the middle of the interface you will the daily usage limit and how much you have used. Although the application is free, it has a data limit of 300MB each day. If you want more you will have to pay for a monthly subscription. There are a lot of monthly subscription plans and you can even pay with BitCoin if you want to protect your anonymity entirely. After the daily usage limit is reached you will no longer be able to use the application for that particular day.

Finally, at the top of the interface lie a few links. The Articles, FAQ and Geolocation links are of particular interest. In the Articles link you will be able to access a variety of privacy and security related articles, some directly connected to the application and some for general concerns. In Geolocation you will be able to witness firsthand what anyone can do with your IP. Before you connect to the VPN service, it will be able to approximately pinpoint your location. After you connect to the service and try again you will see that the service believes you are located wherever the server is.

Finally, for more advanced security you will want to enable the Exclusive Tunneling feature. This should not be used by amateur users as it will block any and every connection directed outwards from your router in order to protect you from malicious attacks but it will also block most of your connection aspects if you are not careful with it.


-Fast installation
-Free version offers quite a lot
-Decent server selection




SecurityKISS Tunnel might just be one of the best VPN services out there. It comes with a free plan, the servers are quite decent in their range and quality and you cannot ask for much more than that.