SelfieX lets you take better selfies with your iPhone’s rear camera


The word “selfie” might carry some very negative marks but there is no denying that the once elusive self-portrait is now popular amongst people of all ages. I mean, now that my tech-illiterate mother has managed to take a selfie, I have come to accept that the practice is here to stay. As we all know, taking a selfie is easiest when done with the front-facing camera of newer devices. The back camera, however, is the one that can produce the highest quality photos and with the newly released SelfieX, you should have no trouble taking one of those pictures with your iPhone.

SelfieX Frame

The app is incredibly simple in all regards, from its concept to its actual implementation. You boot up the app, set a frame where you want to stay in and turn the screen around in order to initiate your selfie ritual. The app will give you voice directions in order to get you in the frame starting with “I can’t see you” and moving on to directional commands like “right” and “up”. Once you follow the app’s instructions and find yourself inside the appointed frame, the app will tell you to “Say cheese!” and automatically take a picture of you.

SelfieX Edit

It is a pretty cool idea and it works very well, provided of course you can take your time with that particular selfie. The app might not work very well in spontaneous situations but that should not really matter. It will also give you editing options once you are done which means you can adjust the light and colors of your picture and since you will take your selfie with the rear camera, it should be one of your most high-quality ones yet.

SelfieX can be found in iTunes free of charge for those with iOS 8+.