You can now send animated GIFs in WhatsApp for iPhone

The latest WhatsApp update for iOS users comes with support for animated GIFs. If you want to send animated GIFs in WhatsApp for iPhone, download the latest update (version 2.16.15) from iTunes.

Besides searching for animated GIFs in WhatsApp’s library you can also share short videos and Live Photos as GIFs. Of course, since Live Photos are only supported on iPhone 6s and iPhone 7, the latter option is only available on these devices.

send animated GIFs in WhatsApp for iPhone

Tap on the “+” icon in the lower left corner while in a WhatsApp conversation then select the ‘Photo & Video Library’ option. To continue, tap on the GIF search button in the bottom left corner and search one by entering one or more keywords.

Once you find one you’d like to share, tap on it and before sending it, WhatsApp will let you crop or trim it, as well as add a caption to it. GIF fans will probably appreciate WhatsApp also allows them to create a lift of GIF favorites which they can access quickly.

Furthermore, the app’s latest update enables us to share Live Photos and short videos as GIFs.

send animated GIFs in WhatsApp for iPhone


In the case of videos, they must be no longer than 6 seconds. Go to the “Photo and Video Library” section and locate the video you want to share then tap on it. On the editing screen there’s a switch with a camera on the left and GIF on the right. Select GIF (using the camera icon will share the video as it is, not as an animated GIF).

After that, you will be able to edit the video and press the Send button.


One of the major drawbacks of Live Photos is they can only be shared between supporting iOS devices in their original format. While there are various solutions to convert Live Photos to animated GIFs, WhatsApp natively provides this feature.

Just like for videos, tap on the small “+” icon while in a conversation and navigate to “Photo and Video Library”. Locate the Live Photo you want to share and 3D Touch it.

While holding the 3D Touch, swipe up and a menu will pop up. Tap on “Select as GIF” and you’ll be taken to the editing page where you can make the adjustments before sharing it.


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