Send Your Love This St. Valentine’s Day with Lollipop-Styled Heart Is In App

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Developer: mitsubachiworks inc.
Category: Social

A new app Heart Is In might come handy for those of you who would rather not send worn out clichés from numerous “love quotes” apps in your love messages, but send a heart. That is, a virtual heart to your sweetheart.

If your relationship has outgrown that cutesy-pink stage when you exchanged those Shakesperian or movie love quotes everybody knows, you may feel a need to refresh the scenery and get rid of the emoji keyboard and replace it with something new.

Heart Is In (is it me, or the name does remind of a Love Is chewing gum?) lets you send each other hearts, eliminating the need to actually type words, a task many people, especially men, feel a bit tedious after a while.

From what I can see, the app is quite monogamous – you can have one partner, and once you send your heart to them, ideally they should reply back with a heart, too. Otherwise, you lose the heart you sent and can’t see it anymore.


In a way, the app does the job similar to Boyfriend Log app, and over time, you will be able to estimate whether your partner truly appreciates your sentimental moves and responds.

On the flip side, you can use the app to send your love to your children, friends or parents, so those people who don’t have a partner this St. Valentine’s day can do something kind for those they love.

Clipboard-5The more hearts you send, the better you will be able to see their graphic evolution – they change colors and become bigger. Alongside, you will see the stats that tell you for how long and how often you have been sending love to one another.

The app’s description may need a little fixing in the translation part, but the design is a refreshing Lollipop-style one, with bright, bold colors and no-nonsense attire, so both men and women can enjoy it.

The app is easy to use – just install it (it is free, but requires at least Android 4.0) and send an invitation code to your sweetheart. From there, send a heart to them whenever you wish to let them know you are there for them, and have your “Happily Ever After!”