SEO Spyglass: Complete backlink checker

When you are building a website, it is extremely important to know everything you can about Search Engine Optimization (SEO). SEO Spyglass wants to make the process easy for you by providing a utility that will allow you to check SEO backlinks easily. The applications comes in multiple versions, including a free, starter edition.

Installation & Requirements

Since the application comes in the form of a suite, you will have the option of choosing exactly which components to install during the setup. After you do that, the installation should not take long to complete. Desktop shortcuts will be created for each of your chosen components. The supported operating systems are Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 7 and 8 as well as Windows Servers 2003 and higher.


When I opened the application for the first time, I was pleasantly surprised by the interface. The design is very elegant with soft, light colors that are easy on the eye. The various buttons and toolbars are very well designed and give the program a very unique feel. The well designed interface is but a pathway to the actual features of the program, all of which are incredibly easy to work with. To find backlinks for a website, you can simply enter its URL and let the application handle the rest.

Of course, this is where the differences between all of the versions come in. In the free version, you will not be able to get search results from any search engine you want. In addition to that, you are limited to 1100 backlinks per project. Other, more advanced utilities will also be restricted or hidden. That is completely reasonable though and it will be more than enough to convince you of the power of the application.

All of the application’s utilities are as easy to use as the main one. All of them require technical knowledge but that should be expected. If you do not know anything about SEO or backlinks and keywords then you will have a hard time with the program. But if you do not know those things, you have no reason to use it anyway. The ease of use is directed in other things, like providing an interface that is easy to navigate and simple to use.

Each of the five utilities starts the same way. You enter a website, let the application gather information and then you can do whatever you want depending on the utility. You can view detailed information about the backlinks, get calendar data about the search rankings, gather advice about the structure of a website and so much more. As I said before, all of the features are enclosed in an amazing interface that just helps you get going.


-Loaded with features
-Beautiful, elegant interface
-Simple to use
-As complex as you want it to be
-Fast processes with accurate results


-Limitations across different versions
-Some features are bloated with unnecessary features


If you are looking for a great SEO tool, stop here and give SEO Spyglass a look. The interface, the features and the whole aesthetic of the program are all very inviting and anyone who is serious about SEO knows that this program is noteworthy.