How To: Set your default location in Windows 10 (and why you should do it)

The Window 10 Anniversary Update arrives with numerous changes and one of them is related to the privacy settings. Technically, the system is more or less able to detect your computer’s location and for those time when it is unable to do it with accuracy, it can rely on your “Default location”.

The new default location setting will be used for all apps and services that typically serve content and information depending on your whereabouts when the system cannot detect it precisely.

How to set your default location in Windows 10

To set your default location in Windows 10, click or tap on the Start button and select Settings.

Then, navigate to Privacy -> Location.

set your default Location in Windows 10

Here you will find a section called Default location. Click on the ‘Set Default’ option, and it will open the Maps app.

Windows 10 set default location 2

In a dialog box, you will find an explanation as to why Windows needs a default location – specifically to use it when it’s unable to detect an exact location of your device. To continue, click on ‘Set default location’.

Then, all you need to do is to type your location and select if from the list of results. The change will be performed right away, and you’ll be notified of this in a new dialog box.

Windows 10 set default location 3

If you change your mind about your default location you can also change, or clear it from the same dialog prompt.

If it’s still unclear why it’s useful to set your default location you should know it can be used by installed apps, services and the Windows 10 system itself. Typically your location is used to offer contextual information like nearby restaurants, events, promotions and whatnot so without it, these details won’t be so accurate.

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