How To: Set Lock screen notifications in Windows Phone

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A seasoned WP user already knows how customize Lock screen notifications, but let’s face it – no one is born knowing everything. Hopefully, not all Windows Phone users are so experienced (this would mean the OS is getting a steady stream of new customers, which would actually be nice), so here goes!

If you’d like to see some app notifications right on your phone’s Lock screen you should know WP 8.1 lets you add a total of 6.

1. Go to Settings -> Lock Screen.

Windows Phone - Lock screen settings

2. Scroll down until you get to the notifications section. There you can set an app to show its detailed status on the Lock screen – tap on the current app and a drop down menu will appear from where you can choose another one. You can have 5 more apps to show their quick status.

Tap on the + sign to add a new one (it only appears if you don’t have 5 apps yet) or tap on any of the set apps to change it.

You might notice that not all your installed apps appear in the notifications menu. That’s because not any app needs to have this feature and in the end it’s the developer’s decision if they need to add support for Lock screen notifications or not.

Lock screen notifications are a basic feature you’d expect from a smartphone and one many people rely on (myself included). Now that you know how to set it up on your Windows Phone fell free to check out other guides for Microsoft’s mobile OS.

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