[Guide] Set up multilingual typing in iOS 10

In iOS 10, Apple’s QuickType keyboard is much improved, and multilingual typing is one of its new capabilities. If you’d like to set up multilingual typing in iOS 10, you should know this allows you to type in multiple languages and obviously you’ll be having significantly less autocorrect issues.

The iOS 9 keyboard also allowed us to use multiple languages, but not at the same time since this implied switching between languages manually – which can be extremely annoying if you have to do this often.

How to set up multilingual typing in iOS 10

To configure multilingual typing in iOS 10, navigate to Settings -> General -> Dictionary.

Here, choose the languages you want to type in with the stock keyboard (the download process may take a while).

set up multilingual typing in iOS 10

Once the download is complete, go back to the General menu in the Settings app and select Keyboards, then tap on Keyboards one more time.

Now, select the “Add New Keyboard” option and choose the languages you downloaded.

With multilingual keyboards enabled, iOS 10 will provide relevant next-word suggestions as well as a much more accurate autocorrect function. Have you tried multilingual typing yet and how do you like it?

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