Set your preferred Wi-Fi network on iPhone with PreferMyFi 2 tweak

It’s a common scenario to have multiple WiFi networks available at the office, home, school and many other places. It turns out you can set your preferred Wi-Fi network on iPhone, assuming your device is jailbroken.

A jailbreak tweak called PreferMyFi 2 can help you set your favorite Wi-Fi network. This means your iPhone will automatically connect to it when there are multiple networks in range.

In fact, you can assign priorities for two WiFi networks. In this case, your phone will first attempt to connect to the one with the highest priority and if that fails it will try to connect to the second one.

How to set your preferred Wi-Fi network on iPhone

set your preferred Wi-Fi network on iPhone

Once you install the tweak, head over to its Preferences pane in the Settings app in order to set your preferred Wi-Fi network on iPhone. WiFi Network 1 would have the highest priority, followed by WiFi Network 2. However, you can use just the first one by leaving the 2nd network blank.

There’s also another feature called “WiFi Auto Off” that quite useful. With “WiFi Auto Off” enabled the tweak will automatically disable your phone’s WiFi if none of the preferred networks are in range and you’re not connected to another WiFi network.

This feature can be a great battery saver since most of us forget to disable WiFi everytime we’re not using it. It’s also much more convenient to have the tweak do it for you. If you’re frequently in places where you don’t have access to any of the available WiFi networks I’m sure you’re going to see a difference regarding battery life with this feature enabled.

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