SetFSB: Interact with your CPU

SetFSB is a small application that will give you information about your CPU and let you control it through various functions, reserved mostly for more experienced users.

Installation & Requirements

There is no setup for the application. You simply need to download and extract the files to your desired folder and then run the program’s executable file. SetFSB supports all versions of Windows from 98 as well as Windows Servers from 2003.


When you first start the application you will be asked to give in you registration number if you have one. Otherwise, simply press OK and you will be informed that after the trial is over you will need to purchase a license if you wish to continue using the application. Click on OK to continue.

The first thing you should notice about the application is that inexperienced users should stay away. The application uses technical terms and does not explain anything. If you are to use the application make sure you know what you are doing as messing with the CPU and the motherboard is most definitely not recommended as it can cause a lot of errors and a potential system failure.

Moving on from that, the application employs a very simple visual interface divided into three tabs. Even though the look is basic, the information is presented in a clear way. In the Control tab you will be able to choose a Clock Generator, get your FSB, get information about your FSB and CPU frequency and change it on the spot. It should be noted that the Control tab is actually active in all the other tabs as well in the top of the interface.

In the customize tab you will be able to change some aspects of the interface like the way the buttons are presented, the colours and the text size. You will also be able to change other things like the FSB range and the SMBus read/writing speed.

The last tab is the Diagnosis one. There you will be able to view various details about the PLL Control and SMBus I/O Registers as well as information about your chipset. You will also be able to insert Hex and Bin values and update the information. Whenever you want to save the information you are currently viewing, you can click on the Capture button at the top right corner and a .bmp file will be saved in the same folder that you have extracted the application to.


-No installation required and a small file size
-A lot of available information
-A decent amount of customization and control options


-Too technical and can cause problems in the wrong hands


If you are an experienced user that wants more control over your CPU then SetFSB is for you. However, users that are not tech savvy should think twice before using the application.