How To: Share large videos via WhatsApp while preserving their quality on Android

WhatsApp is one of the most popular and easy to use messaging apps but it does come with some frustrating limitations, especially for file sharing. The dreaded 16 MB is the maximum size of any file you can send via WhatsApp and since we’re in 2016, videos and other media files can easily be larger than that.

The solution offered by WhatsApp when trying to send a video that’s larger than 16 MB would be to record another one at a lower resolution. Well, thanks for the useful advice but I’m guessing most of us want a better alternative, which also doesn’t require a rooted device (there are plenty of those by the way).

One of the easiest ways to share large videos via WhatsApp without compromising on quality is to use this friendly sharing app called WhatsTools.

Before we get into the specifics I would like to mention the app is add-supported (although they are no pop-ups involved) and it supports devices running under Android 4.1 and higher. You’ll also need a Google account since the app needs to connect to your Google Drive account. You can download WhatsTools from the link below, then follow the steps below to start sharing large videos (and other files for that matter) via WhatsApp.

Download WhatsTools (Play Store)

WhatsTools 2


After you install WhatsTools, launch the app and tap on the ‘Turn On Service‘ button.

WhatsTools 3

You will need to give WhatsTools permission to run in the background so hit the ‘Ok, Continue’ button. Then, you’ll be taken to the Accessibility setting where you have to select the WhatsTools service and start it.

WhatsTools 4

The next step is to connect to Google Drive. This is necessary because of the way WhatsTools works. It basically uploads the video (or any other file) you want to share, into your Google Drive account (a folder named WhatsTools will be automatically created for this purpose) then it allows you to offer that file via a download link to any of your IM contacts.

WhatsTools 1

To share a video in WhatsApp using WhatsTools you need to tap the Attachment option. You will be able to select the file type, and the specific file (Video, in our case). After that, the app will upload it to your Google Drive account and create a download link. Hit the Share button and that’s it.

Also, WhatsTools lets you share these links cross-platform and not just in WhatsApp or other messaging apps, but the files cannot be larger than 1 GB.

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