How To: Share Screenshots From Any Metro App in Windows 8.1

Windows 8 bundles a variety of Metro Apps from basic ones like Calculator and Calendar to News, Finance, Sports, Food & Drink and many others.

Should you want to take a quick screenshot from any of these apps to share it with someone, you’d me tempted to go through the classic method. This involves using the PrtScr button, pasting the screenshot in an image editor, saving it in your computer and then sharing it via e-mail, social networks…..etc.

Metro apps have a great new feature that let you share screenshots with far less clicks or taps despite the fact there are several ways of taking screenshots in Windows 8. Here’s what you need to do:

1. Open up the Metro app you want to share a screenshot from and make sure you have the content that interests you on the screen. For the sake of this tutorial we used the News app.

2. Open the Charms bar and select the Share charm.

News App - Share Charm

3. Click or tap on the app’s dropdown menu and select Screenshot.

Share - Screenshot

4. The sharing options can vary depending on your personal settings. If you have an e-mail linked with the Mail app this will appear in the options. Also if you’re connected to social networks such as Facebook and Twitter through the People app those will be present too.

Sharing In-App Screenshots via E-mail and Social Networks

5. Sharing a screenshot via the Mail app is a very straightforward process. The screenshot will be automatically added as an attachment, all you have left to do is select the e-mail account (if you have more than one), fill in the address of the contact(s) in the To field and optionally write a message.

Sharing Screenshot via Mail app

Sharing screenshots using social accounts is also very easy with the screenshot being automatically included in your share.