Should I Remove It: Helps you find out which applications you don’t need anymore

There are numerous software uninstallers that assist users into removing programs from their computers without any traces left behind. This is not a bad thing, but what about those unsure about what programs are no longer used by them or the system and are safe to remove?

This may seem far-fetched for some, but it can happen. Don’t forget about your tech-savvy friend that “fixed” your computer or all the freeware bundled with useless toolbars and other 3rd party applications you’ve installed. Either way, the resulting software clutter eats up valuable system resources and storage space. An interesting free application like Should I Remove It? comes with an elegant and simple solution, providing users with plenty of information about the programs they have installed to help them decide what is worth keeping and what’s not.

Installation & Requirements

Should I Remove It offers only the standard settings during its install process and contains no form of adware whatsoever. As a result it works flawlessly even with its default settings.

With no hardware requirements, Should I Remove It? works on many Windows versions, namely NT, 98, XP, 2003, Vista, Server 2008, 7 and 8.


Because Should I Remove It? is designed to help even the users with no technical skills its interface is simply a clean, readable list of the currently installed programs. Each listed application comes with a community-based rating and the user removal percent.

Selecting any program from the list brings two options: What is it? and Uninstall. The first button is the key towards receiving comprehensive information about the selected application. Pressing it sends the user to the related page on the Should I Remove It? website. There, users can view tons of related info, specifically an overview of the program, the official description provided by its developers, program details (official website, default installation folder, language, size and uninstaller), user rating, popularity, how many users keep it/remove it, files installed by the program, behaviors exhibited (such as running services and startup scheduled tasks), used system resources, installation demographic and compatibility.

Should I Remove It? is a rather new program so while its software database is rapidly expanding, it’s not complete yet. Many programs are still missing and for some of the present ones not all of the above mentioned information is available. Nevertheless, as soon as the user attempts to see details about an installed application which is not present in the database, it is brought to the attention of Should I Remove It? editors for analysis and inclusion in the knowledge-base.

The Uninstall option automates the removal process but it doesn’t come with the advanced features usually contained by uninstallers, such as cleaning registry entries, shortcuts, files and folders left behind after a default uninstall process.


– Very simple installation and interface makes the application usable by all types of users.
– Provides an effortless method of accessing comprehensive information about currently installed applications.
– Extensive knowledge-base with new software added daily.
– Automates the uninstall process, allowing users to remove applications with a single click.


– The software database is still missing many applications and for many of the present ones offered information is incomplete.
– User-rating and product popularity are not necessarily reliable criteria for some technical or not-so-popular applications.
– Although it makes the uninstall process easier, Should I Remove It? doesn’t include advanced removal capabilities usually found in uninstallers.


Should I Remove It? is a like a breath of fresh air for those who wish to clean their computer of useless or even malicious software. While it’s designed with beginner users in mind, it’s certainly useful for anyone trying to sift through an oversized clutter of installed programs and keep only useful applications.