How To Shutdown & restart the iPhone X

If you wanted to shut down an iPhone 8, 7 and earlier models you would need to press and hold the side button until the “slide to power” off option is displayed. The iPhone X doesn’t have this. So how do you shut down & restart the iPhone X?

If you click once on the iPhone X’s side button it will lock/wake the device. Hold it down and it will summon Siri. Click it twice and it will launch Apple Pay. Click it five times and you’ll enable Emergency SOS. It’s easy to see the old shutdown method is not available anymore.

All of this seems quite straightforward. Except for the part in which you want to shut it down.

How to shutdown & restart the iPhone X

The side button can be used to perform quite a few actions, which is probably you won’t be able to use it to shutdown & restart the iPhone X anymore.

iOS 11 has a new “Shut Down” options in Settings -> General. The option is great if your device has a broken power button but since this button hasn’t been added to the iPhone X, it will be your new go-to solution for shutting down and rebooting the device.

So yeah, in case all of the above is too confusing. If you want to turn off your iPhone X, launch the Settings app, select “General”, scroll down to the bottom of the screen and tap “Shut Down”. This will display the “Slide to power off” option. At last!

With the device powered down, you can turn it back on by pressing and holding the side button. If you connect it to a power source using a Lighting cable, this will also turn it back on.

Also, for the time being, you can’t use Siri to shut down & restart the iPhone X, although this stands for all iPhones. If you ever experience freezing, crashing and other similar issues, it’s also worth learning how to force restart the iPhone X, since this often solves minor software problems.

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