SimplexNumerica: A complete data analyzing tool

Windows 8 Updates

SimplexNumerica is a very detailed program that will let you plot and analyze data in various form as well as create charts, graphs and more visual utilities. The program has a free version that is completely functional.

Installation & Requirements

Installing the program is very easy and you should have no problems with it. The supported operating systems are Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8. You will also need to download and install Microsoft’s Visual C++ Runtime 2008 or later in order to run the program.


Starting the program for the first time is a bit overwhelming. You immediately notice all the features in the screen, whether they are in the form of toolbars, property windows or graph creation tools. The only thing that saves the program is that the interface is quite well designed. However, you should definitely run the program in the maximized mode as all the options will seem too overwhelming in a window. Of course, all the various toolbars will still be available not matter the mode you run it in.

The interface is divided into several different sections and that is probably the thing you will want to familiarize yourself with first. The main window will be your visualization and editing interface. The left side of the application will give you a thumbnail for all the different graphs and charts that you can preload into the main window. The top side is reserved for the tons of icons that represent the different editing tools that are offered in the program. The right side will probably have all the properties from your current charts. Finally, the bottom window has information about the current window and the layer you are viewing.

Inserting a new chart is very easy. You can either click on it from the left side panel or insert one from the Charting menu. You can enter multiple charts at one and you will be prompted by the application if you want to keep your previous ones or replace them with the new ones. Some aspects of the charts can be edited simply by clicking on them. For all the other parts you will have to use the right side panel or one of the various tools provided by the program in the top.

One final thing that deserves a special mention is the Simplexity application that is bundled with the program. Simplexity truly lives up to its name with an in-depth calculator that can be used for anything from basic math to complex equations that you would otherwise spend hours on if writing them on paper. It is truly an incredible addition to SimplexNumerica and one that will undoubtedly save you a ton of time.


-Fast installation
-Incredibly detailed
-Fully customizable interface
-Tons of options will let you analyze data in the most complete way possible


­-Very complex


SimplexNumerica really is a fantastic application for anyone that can spend some time learning how to use it. It is amazingly deep  and offers tons of tools for aspiring researchers or amateur data-lovers and should satisfy the needs of both groups with no problem at all.