Simplify advanced searches in Google, Bing, and Wikipedia with ‘NooG’

Noog Search

Everyone has heard of people who are way too good at searching for stuff on Google but the truth is not as mystical as it may seem. By using search operators, anyone should be able to find what they are looking for in their favorite search engine but learning about those operators is too difficult for some users. A new app by the name of “NooG” aims to help people perform better searches without delving into any complex operators.

The app is currently available at the official website as a free download so go ahead and grab it. The program is tiny and the entire installation takes less than 2MB in your computer.

Using NooG

After launching NooG for the first time, the application’s search bar is the only thing you will see. That is because the default UI is set in a Compact mode which you can disable by opening the hamburger menu (the icon with three lines) and selecting the “Compact” option. At that point you will be able to choose between Google, Bing, and Wikipedia for your searches.

Noog Bar

Of course, this is not the only thing you can do with NooG. Pressig the downwards-pointing arrow in the Search field will reveal the Advanced Search menu that contains a bunch of options that you can apply to the aforementioned websites. Most options are not available for Wikipedia as you can see by the colored tiles on the side of each section. Blue is for Google, orange is for Bing and green is for Wikipedia.

Noog Main

NooG works in a fairly simple way as it merely redirects your searches to the relevant search engine and automatically applies certain operators depending on your advanced search options. Say, for instance, that I want to search information about jaguars but all I get is information about Jaguar cars. In this case, I will enter “Jaguar” as the regular term, “Car” as the excluded word and perhaps a certain website like “” so that the search engine only looks into that website and nowhere else.

This is what the terms will look like in NooG.

Noog Advanced Search

This is how it appears on Google Search.

Noog Google Search

So while you can always enter these operators manually, doing everything from NooG will definitely be easier for most people. Of course, the application is still in its early stages but future versions will support additional search engines like DuckDuckGo and perhaps additional parameters that can be configured in more complex ways.